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Bamboo Toothbrush Case

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  • FSC-certified
  • 1x bamboo toothbrush
  • Colour options: black, white, blue & green
  • Handle type: flat or wavy

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Bamboo Toothbrush Case

You won’t get clean teeth by brushing with a dirty toothbrush. And you won’t get a clear conscience either, by brushing with a plastic toothbrush. That’s why you should go for the bamboo toothbrush case with bamboo toothbrush included.

The closure of the bamboo toothbrush case works just well. It’s so precise that the cap only comes off when you want it to. This way, your toothbrush will always stay clean and hygienic. That’s why you leave your home carefree with this case.

Colour your day

Besides going carefree, you also want to go with joy. And that’s exactly what the bamboo toothbrush will bring. Because if you go for a bamboo case, you can choose the type of toothbrush yourself. This way you decide the colour that you start your day with.

Bamboo toothbrush

We use millions of plastic toothbrushes every year. It is almost impossible to recycle those that end up in the trash. Even harder to deal with, are those that end up in nature. They remain there for several decades at least. By not doing anything about this, the damage only increases. Be aware and distance yourself from plastic. Switch to bamboo.

The bamboo toothbrush is almost entirely biodegradable. Only the bristles may not be disposed of with the organic waste, as they consist of nylon 610. So break off the head of the toothbrush and throw them with the residual waste.

Nylon 610 requires castor oil from the castor tree. Converting castor oil into nylon 610 is much more sustainable than the process of regular nylon – which requires petroleum – but unfortunately, it doesn’t result in 100% biodegradable bristles.

Moso bamboo

Like many of our products, our toothbrush case consists of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable for several reasons. For instance, it is the fastest-growing plant species on earth. The bamboo we use is called Moso bamboo, which can grow up to one meter per day in optimal conditions.

Another reason why bamboo is so incredibly sustainable is that large amounts of bamboo trees grow out of one rooting system. By only harvesting the bamboo trees that are at least five years old, the system remains intact and grows new bamboo trees.

Anyway, the most important is that, regardless of using bamboo as a material, The Bamboovement is no threat to pandas. They prefer eating the leaves low to the ground. The leaves of Moso bamboo grow too tall.

Plastic-free packaging

Besides, we ensure maximum sustainability concerning packaging and shipping material. We do so by shipping the bamboo toothbrush case in a parcel made of recycled material.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 3 cm
Toothbrush Color

Black, Blue, Green, White

Handle Type

Flat, Wavy

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