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Sustainable Products

The Bamboovement was founded in Amsterdam to offer and create natural and plastic-free products that don’t harm our planet. Instead, they inspire and connect people all around the world – resulting in a solution to our plastic crisis.



Natural and pure ingredients only,
no synthetic chemicals added



100% plastic-free and microplastic-free
products, packaging, and shipping

The Movement


A movement to solve the plastic crisis by inspiring and involving like-minded people



Inventing, discovering, and designing natural and plastic-free alternatives


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Sustainable Subscriptions

Looking for shower gel, deodorant, or toothpaste? We offer you body bars, natural deodorant, and toothpaste tablets — 100% natural, plastic-free and subscribable.

Bamboo Bathroom

Make your bathroom plastic-free with these stunning and natural products.

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Bamboovement Blog

Discover why you should use natural cosmetics or bamboo products, explore our newest initiatives, or just educate yourself with surprising content.