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Our bamboo products are being produced in China. To be a little more precise: Fujian and Zhejiang. Those are regions in China that are known for their vast bamboo forests. We work closely with a handful of partners in these regions. They harvest and produce bamboo products in a sustainable manner with eco-certificates. 

Why do you import from China?

Well, China is known for her warm and wet climate in these regions. Exactly the type of climate that bamboo loves. This is how the MOSO bamboo that is being used for our products can grow up to one meter a day! 

The handle is made out of bamboo and is 100% biodegradable. The brush hairs unfortunately not. So we advice to either break off the head or take the hairs out with a pincer and put it with the non-recyclable waste.  

We finally found a new sustainable alternative for the brush hairs of our toothbrushes.* These are made of Nylon 610. Although they are still made of nylon (and thus aren’t biodegradable) the hairs are made of castor oil instead of crude oil – which regular nylon is made of. Castor oil is a natural alternative and therefore is less harmful to our environment. 

Of course it’s not the end solution however it’s a step in the right away of making 100% biodegradable toothbrushes. 

*they are available in our webshop from February 2020. 

We work closely with a handful of local companies for our cosmetic line. The cosmetic bars are made in Finland and are solely made of organic ingredients. Our toothpaste tablets are made in The Netherlands and Germany and are eco-certified. 


FSC is short for Forest Stewardship Council. This is a sustainable non-profit organization that controls sustainable forestry. 

All our bamboo products and paper packaging are labeled with the FSC-certificate to ensure sustainability in our whole supply chain. 

We guarantee that none of our products are tested on animals. All our products are also 100% vegan and free of animal ingredients. 

What about pandas? Don’t they eat bamboo?

The bamboo that is used for our products is called MOSO bamboo and is known for its incredible growth rate. It can reach heights of up to 30 meters. Pandas can’t reach this high and so it’s a type of bamboo that isn’t being consumed by them. 

We ship al our products 100% plastic-free. All our products are packed in kraft-paper. This is made of recycled paper and therefore has a low environmental footprint. 

Bamboo is incredibly sustainable. It grows fast, it prevents soil erosion and doesn’t need any pesticides. Besides, it stores more CO2 than any other kind of hardwood on our planet. This makes bamboo products a very eco-friendly alternative and it is completely biodegradable. 

In cosmetic products, like shampoo and toothpaste, you often find micro-plastics. Our cosmetic products are free from micro-plastics, chemicals and other ingredients that can harm our planet. 


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