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bamboo sunglasses
Bamboo Sunglasses


Reiskoker tandenborstel
Bamboo Toothbrush Case


Toiletry bag cork
Toiletry Bag Cork


bamboe wattenstaafjes
Bamboo Cotton Buds


Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to a planet free from plastic disposables. 

The Bamboovement was founded in Amsterdam to offer and create beautiful natural products, that don’t cause harm to our planet. Instead, they inspire and connect people all around the world – resulting in a solution to our plastic crisis.

Bamboovement for Companies

The Bamboovement offers biodegradable products to the hospitality, travel and airline industry.
Whether you are looking for eco-friendly amenity kits, organic gifts or promotional products. Take a look at our collection to see how your company can make sustainable changes.

The Bamboovement provides flawless kits that continue to exceed guests and passenger’s expectations. Our aspiration for future amenity kits is to ensure sustainability while increasing the life span of products.

Astonish your business associate with a gift that tells a story. Whether it’s a bamboo watch, a pair of sunglasses or one of our high-end cosmetic products. Rest assured, you’ll be making a great impression.  

Would you like to motivate your customers to be more sustainable when they set off to their next holiday? We provide a range of organic travel sets that are made for the conscious traveler. 

  • Amenity Kits
  • Promotional Products
  • Travel Products

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