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Plastic on the Road

Being away from home can significantly increase your plastic consumption. It’s hard to find eco-friendly items when traveling. Additionally, local restaurants and shops still use a lot of single use plastics and countries might not recycle the same way as you are familiar with. 

Whether you are a tour operator, travel agency or a conscious traveler – you don’t want to be responsible for leaving a place more polluted behind than it was when you got there. Especially if it’s that tropical beach you have been dreaming about. Travel agencies are more and more occupied with susainability. The Bamboovement works together with travel agencies by creating customized travel sets to supply to your customers to start their adventure in a sustainable way. 


Eco-travel sets for agencies

The Bamboovement works closely with a variety of tour operators and travel agencies who understand the importance of eco-tourism. A travel agency bears a certain responsibility for its customers. This can be by working with eco-hotels, offering certified tours and reducing their environmental footprint. The Bamboovement is focused on the latter. 

Would you like to motivate your customers to be more sustainable when they set off to their next holiday? We provide a range of aesthetic travel kits. You are completely free to customize the packaging and select the content. 

Why travelers need these sets

With just 9% of all global plastic being recycled, most items you throw away end up in landfills and make their way to nature. To avoid this travelers can bring reusable and biodegradable items. Provide them with a bamboo toothbrush, a shampoo bar and toothpaste tablets.  

Another great benefit of our biodegradable travel sets is that you don’t have to take your toiletry bag out of your bag at the airport. Just replace your toothpaste with toothpaste tablets and shampoo and body soap bottles with our cosmetic bars. 

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