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Sustainable Gifts

Do you know the feeling of excitement you get when you find the perfect gift that the recipient will fall in love with? Imagine finding the perfect gift that’s also environmental conscious. You’re not just bringing joy to your friend but also to the planet.

Finding the perfect gift can be a bit of a hassle. Finding one that’s also eco-friendly? Even harder! So we set out to create a range of beautiful and environmental responsible products.

Sustainable Gifts

Astonish your business associate with a gift that tells a story. Whether it’s a bamboo watch, a pair of sunglasses or one of our high-end cosmetic products. We can assure you that you’ll be making a great impression.  

Customized gift boxes

Whether it’s for Christmas, business-related or just to reward a colleague, friend or loved one with a unique present. Our bamboo box is a one of a kind gift filled with products aimed to reduce your plastic footprint. Do you prefer to customize a gift box? Contact us for all the possibilities. 

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Curious to know your water- and ecological footprint?

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