Toothpaste Tablets Charcoal

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  • 80 tablets
  • Without fluoride
  • Produced locally
  • No microplastics

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Toothpaste Tablets Charcoal

For many, buying a bamboo toothbrush is the first step to a plastic-free bathroom. Step two is about switching to a plastic-free toothpaste tube. Wait a sec. A plastic-free toothpaste tube? That complicates the way to a plastic-free bathroom. Not with HappyTabs Toothpaste Tablets. For everyone who wishes to brush his/her teeth without fluoride, we’ve got Toothpaste Tablets Charcoal. These HappyTabs contain activated charcoal that naturally whitens your teeth.

Plastic-free and microplastic-free

HappyTabs Toothpaste Tablets are very suitable for a plastic-free bathroom standard. They consist solely of natural products. That’s why the toothpaste tablets are entirely free of microplastics. You also prevent the needless use of toothpaste tubes. Because HappyTabs are packed in a small glass jar.

Travel friendly

A significant advantage of plastic-free cosmetics is that they are very travel-friendly. The big difference with other cosmetics is that our plastic-free alternatives are solid. As you all know, they don’t check tangible goods at customs. So, say goodbye to extra-long waiting lines at the airport, as you won’t have to take these HappyTabs out of your bag.


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