Round Soap Dish


  • 1 Bamboo round soap dish
  • FSC-certified
  • Ideal for our shampoo bars & conditioner bars

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Round Soap Dish

Of course, you don’t just leave a block of soap lying around. Well, the same goes for your shampoo, body, and conditioner bars. These cosmetic products’ solid substance ensures that they no longer need plastic packaging, a great plus, of course. However, a disadvantage is that you no longer have a bottle to put somewhere near your shower. A soap dish helps you resolve the problem of a messy bathroom with bars lying around everywhere.

This round soap dish is especially fit for the shampoo bar and conditioner bar, given its shape. A bar dries effectively after using it because the water can easily leak away through the dish’s small holes. Anti-slip stickers on the bottom prevent it from moving.


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