Reusable Cotton Pads


  • Mesh bag
  • Three-layer pad
  • Two usable sides
  • Machine-washable
  • Larger than disposable pads
  • Mix of cotton and bamboo fibre
  • NOTE: not applicable for nail polish

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Reusable Cotton Pads

Are you also annoyed by having to take off your make up before going to sleep? You would almost prefer just not to care and go to bed, wouldn’t you? What even worsens the routine, are the old-fashioned disposable cotton pads. They add some extra environmental concerns to the mix. The disposable version is for single-use, and you usually use a few at a time. It creates a lot of unnecessary waste. So take action and switch to reusable cotton pads.

Bigger, softer, sustainable

With reusable cotton pads, you go to bed with peace of mind. They make you feel good for several reasons. Firstly, they function as well as the disposable ones that you are used to. Probably even better as they are slightly bigger.

They are also softer than the disposable ones, which often consist of cotton only. There is a difference because these reusable cotton pads consist of both cotton and bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre has several advantages: it is super soft, and it has an antibacterial effect. Excellent to remove your make-up extra well!

Another advantage of these reusable cotton pads is that they have three different layers. An extra thick inner layer ensures that the shape remains the same and that you can use both sides without any discomfort. Being able to use both sides makes the pads even more durable, and thus sustainable.

Are there only benefits?

It seems so, yes. All you have to do is wash the pads. One box contains six reusable black cotton pads and a mesh bag. As we usually have dark wash more often, we offer them in black. This way you won’t need to do laundry, specifically for the pads. Especially if they are not that dirty, then washing at 30-40° degrees is sufficient. Are they that dirty? Then we recommend washing at 60°. The mesh bag is, so you don’t lose them in the washing machine.

Of course, they don’t necessarily have to go in the washing machine. Are you afraid that you will run out because you don’t have a full laundry basket in time? No worries! You can also wash them by hand. Doing this even makes them last a bit longer.

Preserve and save

Use reusable cotton pads and save mountains of waste, lots of money, and environmental concerns!

Of course, you take good care of yourself. Do so for nature too.


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