Reusable Coffee Cup


  • One reusable coffee cup
  • Cork band
  • Durable glass
  • 350ml

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Reusable Coffee Cup

How many cups of coffee do you drink daily? More or less than four? That is how many cups the average Dutch person drinks and why they are ranked fifth worldwide. Of course, most coffee you drink at home. But you likely score a fresh cup of coffee on-the-go now and then. Are you ill-prepared in those cases? Then you receive your drink in a disposable cup – almost always unrecyclable. Why is this bad? Because not you but nature pays the highest price for your coffee cravings. The chances are big those disposable cups end up in the environment someday. That is why you should drink responsibly.

Be well-prepared and bring this beautiful reusable coffee cup wherever you go. Whether you prefer drinking espresso, cappuccino, or americano doesn’t matter. This mug easily holds the double portion of any coffee-variation. If extra-large drinks can be kept warm properly? Yes, they can, the thick layer of glass takes care of that. The cork sleeve, in turn, protects your fingers from the hot coffee.

By the way, did you know more and more coffee bars and chains, like Starbucks, grant you a discount, especially if you bring your reusable coffee cup? So, by making the switch to a eco-friendly cup, you help both save our earth and your own money. Go on, start making that difference!


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