Reusable Bamboo Straws


  • FSC-certified
  • Includes: 3 bamboo straws + cleaning brush
  • Packaging: linen pouch

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Reusable Bamboo Straws

Daydreaming about that beautiful pristine beach where you spend your last holidays? Sip your next drink with a beautiful reusable bamboo straw and it’ll take you right back to your favourite beach!

Bamboo is the perfect natural material for plastic-free straws because this type of grass is hollow by itself. This ensures an efficient and therefore eco-friendly production process. At The Bamboovement we try to keep our products as natural as possible and this means for our straws that they are not all exactly the same size. The diameters of the straws are different in size. This makes them suitable for all kinds of drinks: smoothies, cocktails, juices, and even hot drinks.

The straws are also easy to clean with the cleaning brush. If you take good care of them, they’ll outlive any other straw you ever used.

Moso bamboo

Like many of our products, our bamboo straws consist of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable for several reasons. For instance, it is the fastest-growing plant species on earth. The bamboo we use is called Moso bamboo, which can grow up to one meter per day in optimal conditions.

Another reason why bamboo is so incredibly sustainable is that large amounts of bamboo trees grow out of one rooting system. By only harvesting the bamboo trees that are at least five years old, the system remains intact and grows new bamboo trees.

Anyway, the most important is that, regardless of using bamboo as a material, The Bamboovement is no threat to pandas. They prefer eating the leaves low to the ground. The leaves of Moso bamboo grow too tall.

Plastic-free packaging

Besides, we ensure maximum sustainability concerning packaging and shipping material. We do so by shipping the bamboo straws in a parcel made of recycled material.

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