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Body Bar Lavender


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Essential Oils
  • Equal to 2 – 3 bottles
  • 100ml

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Body Bar Lavender

HappySoaps’ Body Bars are to shower gel what Shampoo Bars are to Shampoo. The perfect substitute and thus, the solution to counter the use of plastic. HappySoaps’ Body Bars are full of natural ingredients and free of plastic, SLS, and parabens. As one Body Bar equals three bottles of shower gel, avoiding the use of plastic bottles was never this effective. To cite a smart woman: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

Using a Happy Body Bar Lavender in the morning will result in a tranquil start of your day. The smell of Lavender is proven to work calming. And by adding the flowery scent of geranium, a perfectly fitting final touch was added to this Body Bar. In turn, geraniums have a remarkable effect on your emotions. When it comes to your physical body, this Body Bar works very well on damaged skin. Its ingredients counter impurities naturally.

Moreover, HappySoaps’ Body Bars can be used both as a scrub and as a regular shower gel. Do you want to scrub? Then rub the Body Bar over your skin. Do you instead wish just to use soap? Then just rub the Body Bar until you have enough foam to wash your body.

Type of Body Bar

Lavender, Argan Oil & Rosemary, Coconut & Lime


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