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Bamboo Toothbrush


  • €1,- donation to Billion Tree Campain WWF
  • Packaging: recycled kraft paper
  • FSC-certified
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Bamboo toothbrush

The bamboo toothbrush from The Bamboovement is perfect when you’re looking for new ways to reduce your own plastic footprint. Plastic toothbrushes are almost impossible to recycle. What better way to help nature out a little by switching to a bamboo toothbrush. Besides, our toothbrushes are used and recommended by dental professionals.

The bamboo is completely biodegradable. The hairs are made from nylon 610. This type of nylon is made from castor oil which is sourced from the castor plant (also known as the miracle tree). This process is much more sustainable as for regular nylon for which crude oil is being used. Unfortunately, the hairs aren’t fully biodegradable yet (we are working on it, so bear with us!). For now, you can take off the hairs with a pincer or break off the head and put it in the waste bin.

MOSO Bamboo

Like many of our products, this eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush mainly consists of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable for several reasons. For instance, it’s one of the fastest-growing plant species on earth. The bamboo we use, is called MOSO Bamboo, which can grow up to one meter per day in optimal conditions. Another reason why bamboo is so incredibly sustainable is that large amounts of bamboo trees grow out of one rooting system. By only harvesting the bamboo trees that are at least five years old, the system remains intact and grows new bamboo trees. 

But the most important thing is that, regardless of using bamboo as a material, The Bamboovement is no threat to pandas. Fortunately, they prefer eating the leaves low to the ground. The leaves of MOSO Bamboo grow out of reach.

Sustainable Shipping

We ensure maximum sustainability concerning packaging and shipping material. All orders will be shipped in mailbox packages or parcels that are made of recycled materials.

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 1 cm
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