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Bamboo Gift Box

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  • Transformable into a fruit bowl and a sushi set
  • Size: 34x17x17cm
  • Made of FSC certified bamboo
  • Designed and produced in Nederland
  • Perfect as a gift box, wine box, or Christmas box

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Bamboo Gift Box

Are you someone who loves giving and receiving gift boxes? Indeed, who doesn’t? But you likely hate the amount of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes that are necessary for all of those presents.

Without paying attention, we throw away millions of cardboard and wrapping paper sheets, which is very worrying. The price that our planet pays is high. The production of carton causes air and water pollution, and the use of unrecyclable gift wrap paper is even worse for the environment, of course. Are you super aware of all this? Then giving and receiving presents leaves a bitter aftertaste. But it doesn’t have to be like this for you. There is a unique way to surprise your loved ones without it leading to air and water pollution. And without it contributing to a growing pile of unrecyclable waste. Even better, this way of surprising results in a better and cleaner world. It even makes the biggest eco-warrior as proud as a peacock.

You achieve all of this with our bamboo gift box, which you could fill up with any fitting present. The box is an extremely sustainable alternative for ‘traditional gift packaging’, however incomparable. Why is the bamboo gift box beyond compare? Instead of throwing it away after unboxing, you take it apart. Doing so results in six separate parts that are necessary to create an astonishing bamboo fruit bowl and a natural bamboo dinner set. Because all of this, the packaging might be the biggest surprise of your present.

Too good to be true? See it for yourself! Give it to a true nature lover and see for the result.

Characteristics bamboo gift box

We designed the box in-house, and have it locally produced in North Brabant, Netherlands. For the production, we use FSC certified bamboo from the forests of Fujian, China. And for every sold box, we have one tree planted. This way, we offset the CO2 emitted by every single bamboo gift box. Its dimensions are 340 x 170 x 170 mm, which makes it a great wine box. However, you are free to give your own interpretation, of course.

Gift boxes for business purposes

We started offering sustainable Christmas boxes for business purposes last year, for which we used an already existing bamboo casket. However, to truly change peoples’ and businesses’ perception of gift packaging, we decided to create this new bamboo gift box. If you want our full range of gift boxes for business purposes, then please reach out by email to

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 34 × 17 × 17 cm


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