Bamboo Cotton Buds

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  • Bamboo cotton buds (100 pieces)
  • Organic Cotton
  • FSC-certified bamboo

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Bamboo cotton buds

Did you know that plastic cotton buds are almost impossible to recycle? And they take hundreds of years to degrade. A good reason to make the switch to biodegradable cotton buds. Our bamboo cotton buds are made of FSC-certified bamboo and the cotton tips are organic.

Moso Bamboo

Like many of our products, our bamboo cotton buds consists mostly of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable for several reasons. For instance, it is the fastest-growing plant species on earth. The bamboo we use is called Moso bamboo, which can grow up to one meter per day in optimal conditions. Another reason why bamboo is so incredibly sustainable is that large amounts of bamboo trees grow out of one rooting system. By only harvesting the bamboo trees that are at least five years old, the system remains intact and grows new bamboo trees.

Anyway, the most important is that, regardless of using bamboo as a material, The Bamboovement is no threat to pandas. They prefer eating the leaves low to the ground. The leaves of Moso bamboo grows too high.


Besides, we ensure maximum sustainability concerning packaging and shipping material. We do so by shipping this bamboo in a carton box made of recycled material.

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