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Amenity Kits

More than ever, amenity kits play an exceptional role in reflecting an organization’s brand identity. Apart from that, there’s a growing increase in environmental consciousness and a rising awareness regarding our plastic consumption – amenity kits have the power to connect these elements. 

The Bamboovement provides flawless kits that continue to exceed guests and passenger’s expectations in a sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Sustainable Innovations

The Bamboovement’s aspiration for future amenity kits is to ensure sustainability while increasing the life span of products. 

Additionally, The Bamboovement intents to implement sustainable innovations by introducing passengers and guests to new environmental friendly products like toothpaste tablets, shampoo and shaving bars.


Together with our partners we look for the most suitable possibilities our products can offer. The design of the amenity kit can be made up to our customer’s wishes. The Bamboovement works closely together to create high-end designs for the kits that portray the identity of each organization

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