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The Bamboovement, brushing for a cleaner world

Brushing without burdening our environment, with organic resources and a natural aftertaste. Because for every toothbrush you buy we donate €1,- to WWF-Netherlands to preserve and protect forests in Brazil, Romania and Australia.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that stores a lot of C02 and can be turned into a very sustainable resource. Brush natural and contribute twice to preserving our planet.

Are you not completely happy with your toothbrush? Send us a message and you receive a full refund.

Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrush
€3,00 - €3,50
  • €1,00 to WWF
  • Free shipping at €20,-
  • Soft/medium brush hairs
bamboe tandenborstel
Bamboo toothbrush partner pack
€6,00 - €7,00
  • €2,00 to WWF
  • Free shipping at €20,-
  • Soft/medium brush hairs
Bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo toothbrush family pack
€10,00 - €12,00
  • €4,00 to WWF
  • Free shipping at €20,-
  • Soft/medium brush hairs

Our other products

Besides bamboo toothbrushes we offer a variety of other beautiful and planet-friendly products as well. Ranging from toothpaste tablets, shampoo bars, reusable coffee cups, cotton buds and much more. All made to inspire people to use less plastic throughout their daily lives. Click on the button below to get inspired (link opens in new tab). 

Trillion Tree Campaign WWF

WWF-Netherlands has an ambitious plan, protecting one trillion trees against deforestation and replanting them.

With this campaign WWF is preserving three critical areas, in Brazil, Australia and Romania. Deforestation and forest fires are causing threatened habitats for the jaguar, European bison and koala’s and many more animals.

You can find more information about the campaign on this page of WWF.

bamboe tandenborstel

©Richard Barett – WWF

©Martin Harvey – WWF

©Ola Jennersten – WWF

poets met the bamboovement

We are the Bamboovement

The Bamboovement was founded to connect people like you and I with natural products that contribute to our health as well as to the wellbeing of the planet. This way we support a world free of plastic disposables together.

About bamboo

Fast grower

The bamboo that is used for our toothbrushes is called MOSO bamboo. It’s the fastest growing type on the planet and can grow to a meter a day.

Stores CO2

Bamboo can store up to 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. Besides, it produces about 35% more oxygen on average than any other type of hardwood.

Animal friendly

Due to her antibacterial bio-agents, bamboo doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers. The Panda also doesn’t eat this type because it grows to high.

bamboe tandenborstel

Brush hairs

The hairs of our toothbrush are made of Nylon 610. This type of nylon is made from castor oil, which is derived from the castor plant (also known as the miracle tree). So unlike normal nylon there’s no crude oil in nylon 610. Currently, it’s the most sustainable alternative available. However it’s still not completely biodegradable. We recommend to take out the brush hairs (with a pincer or snap off the head) and put them with your residual waste. Wat doe je met de haartjes als de tandenborstel op is? Verwijder ze met een tang of breek de kop van de tandenborstel af en gooi deze bij het restafval.

Our sustainable movement

Our mission is to form a global movement that inspires people all around the world to live towards a plastic-free lifestyle. By taking small steps together we do make a big change.


This campaign was set up to sell 50.000 toothbrushes and therefore donate €50,000,- to the Trillion Tree Campaign.

Do you want your toothbrush to be part of a good cause? You can, by joining The Bamboovement!

Where do you brush?

The Bamboovement is for everybody, and we believe by taking small steps together we can make the planet more beautiful. A world with beaches covered in shells instead of plastic, and turtles eating jellyfish and not plastic bags. A liveable planet where plants, humans and animals thrive.

Show us where you brush by sharing your daily brush moment. Send us a picture or tag us on social media with #thebamboovement.

We are continuously sourcing and developing new products to replace commonly used plastic products. Would you like to stay up-to-date? Subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of the page and we will send you our newest updates.

bamboe tandenborstel
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