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Author: Amina Rakhman

Amina Rakhman

Amina Rakhman

why natural cosmetics

Why natural cosmetics?

Why should you be using natural cosmetics? We can’t really bury our head’s in the sand any more when it comes to current environmental challenges. By making some easy changes in our daily lives we can actually make a significant difference.

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Hergebruik je Bamboe Tandenborstel

7 Ways to Reuse a Bamboo Toothbrush

Has your bamboo toothbrush reached its end cycle? Instead of disposing it there’s actually a couple of creative ways to reuse your bamboo toothbrush. Read here 7 possibilities how to reuse it.

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eco tourism

Importance of Eco Tourism

Having a hard time to reduce your plastic footprint when you are on the road? Or are you curious to find some new insights? We have put together a short list of useful tips to get you ready for your next trip!

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