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Author: Ainu van den Hurk

Ainu van den Hurk

Ainu van den Hurk

Hola! My name is Ainu (1994), and I was born in the Basque Country. I grew up in the Netherlands because we moved there when I was three years old. I went to both primary and secondary school in the province of North Brabant before eventually moving to Nijmegen, where I went studying. I left my student life behind me by graduating in International Business Communication a little while ago. Although the name of the programme might suggest otherwise, the wellbeing of people and nature is closer to my heart than business communication. Luckily, however, communication is anywhere so I believe I will find the right place eventually. A major plus of both my Bachelor’s and Master’s program was the intense focus on intercultural differences regarding communication. My ambition is to make a difference internationally someday and this cultural knowledge, I believe, is one of the things that is going to help me. However, first things first. At the moment, I’m in the right place at the Bamboovement. A company founded by my younger brother. It carries out a mission based on core values I identify myself with. I’m happy because I can do my share and I gain valuable experience. Regardless of the fact that my student days lie behind me, I still live in my spacious student room. I run the webshop from my place, partly because I can easily use a part of my room for storage. In addition, I write a blog post every now and then, and I have brainstorming sessions with my brother almost on a daily basis. The barrel of ideas is literally running over so you won’t get rid of me in the short term. Saludos, and don’t forget to start bambooving if you haven’t yet!
the bamboovement

The World of Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo has been on people’s minds for over ten thousand years? To put this into perspective: it’s only been for the last two thousand years since the Holy Bible is playing an essential role in our lives.

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transsiberian express

The Bamboovement during the Corona outbreak

A cancelled trip to China with the godfather of all traintrips – the Transsiberian Express. A hotel exhibition and festival conference for sustainability in London. To a partial lockdown in The Netherlands. The past weeks have been quite eventful. Read more about it here.

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