Amenity Kits

Eco-Friendly Amenity Kits

We are the first to offer a unique range of eco-friendly amenity kits, exclusively consisting of plastic-free personal care products. They are specially intended for airlines, hotels, and bed & breakfasts and are designed in such a way that you will continue exceeding your guests’ expectations.

What you can expect:

  • FSC-certified bamboo products
  • 100% plastic-free cosmetic products
  • The possibility to select the contents of your amenity kit
  • To actively support tree-planting projects through our amenity kits
amenity kit
amenity kits

Why opt for our Amenity Kits?

Because you place great value on saving our planet. Our oceans are drowning in plastic. Much of its floating waste is hard to recycle, like shampoo bottles, razors, cotton buds, and cutlery. To permanently change that waste like this is not ending up in the seas, we need to start looking differently at plastic used for daily products. A way to inspire people is to offer high-end, eco-friendly alternatives in, for example, a hotel bathroom.

By providing a unique and natural amenity kit, you offer an unforgettable experience for your guests. Not just satisfaction; inspiration and enthusiasm ought to be what you are aiming for.


Put together your
amenity kit

An eco-friendly amenity kit also is an excellent way to strengthen your brand. By providing your guests with natural alternatives, you display the drive and willingness of a sustainable organisation.

Meaningful products fitting your mission and image are valuable. That is why we have a great variety of self-care products for you, consisting of different sorts and colours.

Select those that suit your organisation best and naturally boost your company and our planet!

amenity kits

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tree planting

Support tree planting projects

We are very aware that manufacturing products and shipping them lead to CO2 emissions. For this reason, we will commit ourselves to calculate and compensate for the entire carbon footprint of our bamboo products this year.

By planting trees, we aim to offer carbon-neutral, and eventually carbon-negative, products by 2022. Carbon-negative products are climate positive, as more CO2 is stored than their production process requires. To do our part in restoring precious forests, we aim to plant over 50.000 trees in 2021.

For more information, visit our tree planting page.