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Our story

Are you also tired to see beaches covered in plastic? Seeing another video of a turtle or dolphin choking in plastic? And, do you want to prevent that in 2050 there’ll be more plastic than fish in our oceans?

The Bamboovement was founded to tackle plastic pollution and make our planet a cleaner place once again. How? By replacing daily used plastic products with sustainable alternatives. Together with a group of like-minded people we work everyday on innovative ideas to rid our world of plastic waste.

about the bamboovement

Plastic soup

While you’re reading this, 5.25 trillion pieces of macro- and micro plastics are currently littering our oceans. Making up for 60 – 90% of all marine debris. Every single day 8 million pieces are being added. This is one full garbage truck that is being dumped into the oceans every minute. Animals are suffering – every year, as a direct result of ocean plastic, more than one million seabirds and 100.000 other sea animals die.
about the bamboovement

But plastic is being recycled?

Just 9% of all plastic is recycled worldwide. Why? A lot of plastic products are not made to be recycled, like coffee cups, straws, bags and cutlery. Most of the times your toothbrush or coffee cup will end in a landfill, from here it’s a short way to our waterways and eventually to our oceans. Every product of The Bamboovement contributes to making our world a little more clean and beautiful once again.

home the bamboovement

How it all started

Like many of my generation I felt like a global citizen from an early age. Which led me to take a year off to travel around the world.

I have always been my best self when I am right next to the ocean. Preferably with a surfboard under my feet or a dive tank on my back. On a trip to Indonesia I met Simon. An Indonesian man that had built his own restaurant out of bamboo adiscovering how versatile, strong and eco-friendly it is.

Years later Simon and I ended up working together. In his workshop in Bali he was producing bamboo straws. After setting up a plan to replace plastic straws – The Bamboovement was born.

bamboo toothbrush

A Galician seagull​

In the summer of 2018 we drove with our van along the coast of Spain and Portugal. We drove around Galicia and stopped at a long stretch of sandy coastline. As beautiful as it was, it was littered with plastic. There was too much for two people to clean up but nonetheless we did our daily beach clean-ups.

We cleaned up kilos of plastic: empty bottles, ropes in all kinds of colors, broken toys. One of those days something pretty heartbroken happened: in between all the beached plastic, we found a dying baby seagull.

The helpless bird was gasping for air and was too weak to fly. There was a little bit of luck: a plastic crate had washed up right next to him…

bamboo toothbrush
the bamboovement

Towards a clean planet

We put the bird in there and we transported it a few kilometers to the other side of the beach with lifeguards. According to them the baby seagull probably had too much plastic in its stomach and was unable to fly. They took him to the vet and that’s the last thing we heard. We can only hope he’s happily flying across the ocean catching fish along the way. These are the reasons we do what we do. Because we know there’s much more marine life at stake. The impact of plastic on our environment is immense. And, we humans have the power to power to make a change. We know our world can easily live without plastic. If you do as well, support us in our mission to clean our planet and remember: every small step counts!
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