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Verzorgingsset - The Smiling Shark
Plastic-free Essentials Set

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Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Bar


bamboo hair brush
Bamboo Hair Brush


What Our Customers Say

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Beautiful mission and a really good service!
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Beautiful products and a great service! I didn't receive one item and they shipped the missing product on the same day! Awesome company. Will definitely order more often.
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Great quality, fast delivery, good service and everything for a decent price for the do-gooders.
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Initially, I was afraid that the toothbrush would be too hard, but that's definitely not the case. Great to use, the straws as well (that come in a nice little reusable pouch). Everything is packaged sustainable and for a fair price.

Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to a planet free from plastic disposables. 

The Bamboovement was founded in Amsterdam to offer and create beautiful natural products, that don’t cause harm to our planet. Instead, they inspire and connect people all around the world – resulting in a solution to our plastic crisis.


why natural cosmetics

Why natural cosmetics?

Why should you be using natural cosmetics? We can’t really bury our head’s in the sand any more when it comes to current environmental challenges. By making some easy changes in our daily lives we can actually make a significant difference.

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tandpasta tabletten

How to use toothpaste tablets?

Toothpaste tablets are trendy! Not without a reason. They give you a bright smile without all the plastic waste. Happy Tabs has been able to create the perfect alternative. Read here how to use them.

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Sustainable Education

Sustainable Education

The Bamboovement has taken a first step towards the development of an educational path. Together with Recup and Slow Food, The Bamboovement was invited by a Montessori school for a lesson about sustainability.

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the bamboovement

Bamboo Facts

Did you know that bamboo has been on people’s minds for over ten thousand years? To put this into perspective: it’s only been for the last two thousand years since the Holy Bible is playing an essential role in our lives.

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the bamboovement

Why use a bamboo toothbrush?

Every day, people feel guilty about the amount of plastic they’re using, from plastic toothbrushes to plastic bags to plastic water bottles. But, there’s an easy way to reduce your waste. Read more about it here.

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Hergebruik je Bamboe Tandenborstel

7 Ways to Reuse a Bamboo Toothbrush

Has your bamboo toothbrush reached its end cycle? Instead of disposing it there’s actually a couple of creative ways to reuse your bamboo toothbrush. Read here 7 possibilities how to reuse it.

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