Our Story

We are extremely fond of our oceans and its wildlife. After doing our own beach clean-ups time after time we realized that we have to take more action in order to make a bigger change. Both surfers at heart, we see our ocean as our home and source of energy. Watching first hand how plastic can fatally injure sea birds and marine animals has led us to set up The Bamboovement. With the aim of not just reducing the amount of plastic products that are being used but to reinvest our income into projects that will help to make our world a cleaner place once again.

We are now spreading bamboo products like toothbrushes, straws, cutlery and cups as an alternative to plastic products for a zero-waste future! We are based in Europe as well as in the United States that sells organic bamboo straws made in Indonesia and China. We are partnered with a beautiful enterprise on Bali where the owner is dedicating his life to finding ways to reduce plastic pollution. 

Last summer we were picking up trash from a beautiful beach in Galicia, Spain when we found a dying baby sea gull gasping for air, motionless and unable to make a sound. He was surrounded by plastic trash. Next to him was a little crate where we could put him in and safely transport him to the lifeguard’s tent a mile down the beach. Most likely the poor bird had ingested a numerous amount of plastic and was unable to fly with the excessive weight. 

It got us wondering, how many other animals out there are suffering? How many other birds are slowly dying because of plastic in their stomachs? From that moment this project has been more than a business; it has been an opportunity for us to make a difference and reduce the amount of animals that are suffering because of our consumption. We feel deeply connected to our mission to help our oceans and it’s inhabitants, as humans are the only ones who can begin to fix the damage that has been done.

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